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DESIRE | Pheromone Perfume oil spray

DESIRE | Pheromone Perfume oil spray

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What are Pheromones?

Our products are enhanced with Pheromones! Pheromones are substances that act as messengers between individuals of the same species, triggering physiological and behavioral responses

Recently scientists discovered that humans are also influenced in a similar way by the presence of pheromones

Pheromones cause feelings of sexual attraction and desire in the opposite sex. It awakens the libido of who is next to the person wearing a cosmetic with pheromones

our pheromone infused products will make you feel attractive and sexy & will attract people's attention to you. It will raise your self-esteem making you feel more confident & provocative!

How does it smell?

Notes include juicy pear,tangerine,bergamot,orange blossom,neroli,jasmine,vanilla and benzoin! For the babe that demands attention! Girly, pretty and safe for any occasion. One of those scents that boosts your mood because it will make you feel pretty and brings you comfort!
Infused with pheromones and will smell different on everyone due to our body chemistry!

Why You'll love it!

Our Pheromone perfume oil SPRAY is more like a perfume and less of a concentrated perfume oil making it more “sprayable” on your skin and clothes but still with a higher concentration of perfume oil than an average perfume, NO alcohol and added vitamin E for moisture, making it more longer lasting and potent.

How to Use!

Take a nice shower or bath to get in a good mood, put on your favorite undies, a cute outfit then apply our SECRET Pheromone perfume oil on your pulse points and also chest area! (Tap, DO NOT rub! It can dull the fragrance) Let it settle, warm up and mix with your body chemistry then feel the magic happening!

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